Mirrors combine functionality and decorative characteristics, so we meet these needs by uniting the best of both. They are an element that in its simplicity can give an amazing results. Mirrors visually enlarge the space, which is particularly important in small rooms. Additionally, they illuminate the places which lack the light because of dark furniture or walls – simply set them well and they will reflect the sun rays. Even the darkest interior will then become bright and full of light. We take into consideration expectations of our customers and their desire to personalise the interiors, so we include in our offer a line of mirrors which not only are of the highest quality, but also their shapes allow to easily vary the interior. The geometry of Hexagonal Trapezoidal Geometrika mirrors can help you unite multiple elements together in order to create new, unique shapes. A single mirror is quite small, perfect for a delicate change, but a combination of several elements gives a mirror surface in dimensions that you need.