No interior would be the same without accessories which give it unique and individual character. To facilitate you adjusting the room to your personal taste we present an exceptional collection of complements for your home. They change every interior, in order to reflect the customer’s vision while keeping their functional and decorative qualities. Our vases are very elegant, even without the flowers, which is why they are chosen so often by the clients. The pillows are a universal complementation of any interior, so we decided to include in our offer a series of different designs. They are suitable for the bedroom and the living room, they fit perfectly on a chair, armchair, or a sofa. You can choose a coloristic finish depending on your vision by adding a model in a similar tone, or contrarily, one that will underline the contrast. Additionally, we offer a variety of shapes (square, rectangular or rollers) and sizes, so you can create a masterpiece with the help of these little items.